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LGBT Corporate Travel
  Gay Corporate Travel  
Gay and Lesbian Corporate Travel

LGBT Corporate Travel

Are you a LGBT business? Do you often find yourself having to manage your companies travel needs?

In today’s travel industry, fares and rates change constantly and vary wildly depending on where and how you purchase. Most companies simply don’t have the time or the tools to keep track of it all and, as a result, they fail to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that exist to lower costs.

Why should your travelers spend hours searching for the flights, hotels, or deals that we can deliver in minutes?

Whether you're a traveler, a travel arranger, or a C.F.O. — whether you're clicking us, calling us, or e-mailing us — at Queertrip we can make your life easier. We provide our accounts with a dedicated travel consultant and a full backup team behind him or her. This means that whenever you need to change a flight or hotel reservation, get help with a booking, get placed on an upgrade list, even get rebooked when you're stuck at the airport because your flight was canceled, you'll always have someone to call who will know you, know your preferences, and be accountable for getting things done right.

Our services include:

  • Direct phone line and e-mail address to dedicated consultants – no waiting on hold!
  • Easy on-line reservations
  • Extended hours + emergency after-hours service
  • Assistance with airline, hotel, and car vendor negotiations for special corporate discounts
  • Enrollment in/management of corporate awards programs with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies
  • Access to exclusively negotiated "bulk" airfares
  • Hotel and car discount programs
  • Airport transportation
  • Schedule change alerts
  • Tracking, storing and re-using all un-used airline tickets

For more information or a free consultation, send an e-mail to


“I have to give kudos to you and the staff- I’ve never experienced such efficient and user friendly online services in all my years of business travel. Keep up the great work!”

- Jay Bryant
Sommerville Security Associates, Inc.

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